Drive Clean And Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

Drive Clean And Minimize Your Carbon Footprint


Our world is slowly dying and we are the ones killing it. The vehicles we drive leave large carbon footprints on the planet that only goes to worsening the already dire Global warming conditions. The sad bit is that we can help slow this rapid deterioration down if only we could drive clean. It is simple to do, saves money and better yet, saves the planet that we call home. If we really want to make a positive impact on pollution, the following tips will help us towards that goal:


  • Buy a highly rated car


Before taking out your wallet and pay for that new car, take a moment and look up it's Greenhouse and Smog ratings. Most vehicles, even within the same model vary greatly when it comes to the size of carbon footprints they leave on the environment. Vehicles with a higher Greenhouse gas rating help you save fuel, money and release less harmful gases to the environment. The same applies to the smog ratings. The higher the rating, the less smog your vehicle will be contributing.


  • Take great care of your car and regularly service it


The more you use your vehicle, the more the engine wears off. This means that pollutants become more and more pronounced. By simply taking good care of your vehicle and visiting a mechanic or auto repair shop for regular servicing which includes oil changes, spark plug replacements, replacing timing belts, filters and hoses all contribute to making your vehicle less corrosive to the environment.


  • As soon as your check engine light comes on, make sure you have your vehicle checked out by a qualified auto mechanic.


  • Be receptive to advanced vehicle technology


More and more manufacturers are moving away from the traditional engine designs. Vehicles now use clean gasoline, electric batteries, plug-in hybrid engines, and compressed natural gases. These are options you can explore. It is easy to find your type of car but with a much cleaner and environmentally friendly engine.


  • Keep your tire pressure at the recommended level


Many drivers drive around with their vehicle's tire pressure well below the recommended level. Not only does this greatly compromise the vehicle's handling capabilities, but it wears down your tire treads, cause irreparable damage and cause the engine to over-work itself in order to compensate. This only increases the level of emissions from an otherwise perfectly good engine. By keeping your tire pressure at the recommended level, you save money on the gas needed to run the overworked engine, you will need less repair shop visits and best of all, your car will emit less harmful gases into the environment.


  • Embrace an easier driving style and link your trips


Reduce your vehicle's idling time, go easy on the gas and brake pedals and be sure to have your trips well planned out in advance so as to use the most efficient route. These are practices that will save you both money and time as well as reduce emissions.


All in all, taking better care of your car and only using it when absolutely necessary are methods through which you can drive clean in today's environment. Besides, walking your way through some errands is beneficial to your overall health and fitness.


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